Helping Clients win the war for Sales Talent: Successfinder and Optimé Announce Partnership

Toronto – SuccessFinder and Optimé International are pleased to announce a new partnership that will see the firms collaborate to help clients significantly improve their agility and efficiency at recruiting, developing and promoting their sales talent.

Charles Guay, President and Chief Operating Officer of SuccessFinder, said “we are thrilled to be partnering with Optimé to assist large B2B sales organizations optimize talent management and achieve breakthrough levels of performance. We are excited to bring our solution to power Optimé’s proven sales capability development value proposition.”

According to the Harvard Business Review, average annual turnover in sales is 25 – 30%, meaning that a significant portion of the sales workforce must be replenished  and on-boarded every four years. In addition, according to Phillips & Phillips1, the average cost to recruit, hire, onboard and enable a new salesperson to achieve productivity is 75% to 125% of their annual salary. Through cutting-edge proprietary predictive analytics, the SuccessFinder solution assists in greatly reducing turnover, driving down related costs and enhancing productivity & performance.

Marty Blake, Chief Operating Officer of Optimé International said, “After significant research and due diligence, we are excited to be moving forward with integrating SuccessFinder as a best-in-class assessment platform into Optimé’s leading edge sales capability development solutions, enabling a sharper laser focus on our client needs.” Blake said forward-thinking companies are increasingly concerned about winning the war for sales talent acquisition, talent management and retention while optimizing capability and effectiveness. “By integrating SuccessFinder’s technology, we will now offer a powerful end-to-end solution to high performing sales organizations that want to gain a competitive advantage,” he added.

The two companies said they have been cooperating for some time with common clients and have achieved strong results. They have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to join efforts in bringing an integrated solution to North American and global clients.

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Charles Guay
President & COO, SuccessFinder
Tel: 514-687-2272  

Marty D. Blake 
COO, Optimé
Tel: 416-221-5466

1Jack J. Phillips, Patricia Pulliam Phillips (2012) Proving the value of HR : How and Why to Measure ROI, pages 154-155

About SuccessFinder:
SuccessFinder is a Montreal-based technology company specialized in human resources. With its 3rd generation behavioral assessment, it delivers both the technology and analytics to help people and organizations achieve their full potential. Boasting an expertise in developing predictive models, SuccessFinder is helping organizations make better decisions about their talent and maximize their people. The company understands people like no one else and leverages relevant predictive analytics through an integrated platform, powered by sophisticated algorithms. SuccessFinder unlocks opportunities for people and organizations to achieve their full potential. Every time.

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About Optimé:
Optimé is a Toronto-based sales capability development solutions provider that helps clients achieve improved performance. In 2019 the company is celebrating 25 years of helping build sales capability and effectiveness with leading companies throughout North America such as P&G, TD Bank, McKesson, AT&T, Kraft Heinz and NAPA to name a few. Optimé’s clients’ improved results speak to the impact of their programming.    

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