Talent assessment


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The key to success for any organization is the talent they attract. Talent assessments and analytics are no longer a “nice-to-have” in today’s business landscape; they are a must-have.

Best-in-class organizations use assessments as a fundamental piece of the talent management process within each stage of the employment lifecycle – critical to making better hiring decisions to improving post-hire performance and career progression.

Optimé has been working with world-class sales leaders for a quarter century and we know what optimized teams and players look like. We have the diagnostic ability to look at the hard skills and the soft skills along with key performance indicators to determine whether a candidate or existing team member is the best fit for your team. Our end-game is always to develop your sales talent to be the best. At the end of the day – it is what we do.

SuccessFinder is a tool that can predict career satisfaction and success based on discriminating factors: human behavior and competencies.

Along with skills and experience, these are the key differentiators in determining performance. High performers share a common sub-set of behaviors that they are extremely adept in using. This career assessment tool compares each personality profile with those from ‘high performing’ individuals in the same role, which are established in benchmarks.

Using SuccessFinder, we can predict success with up to 85% predicative validity. Yes. 85%

Optimé’s Selling Skills Knowledge Assessment tool provides the specific data you need to increase individual awareness of selling skills, drive targeted learning and measure progression over time.

It articulates the sales and knowledge of individuals, teams and the company as a whole. The tool assesses critical knowledge of skills essential for a customer-focused and consultative approach to selling:

  • Planning for performance
  • Effective communication
  • Presenting to gain alignment
  • Effectively handling objections
  • Implementing for success
  • Closing

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