Virtual classroom training

Developing the capabilities of your team doesn’t have to include travel and downtime in the field. Optimé’s Virtual Learning solutions deliver the same great quality and experience that our customers have always valued.

Each interactive online workshop is led by our Certified Virtual Classroom facilitators who continue to offer their dynamic and practical approach to skill-building and facilitation expertise that provides confidence that your team is building competencies that will work best in your business.

Each of our virtual learning programs offer all the benefits of in person training including experiential learningsmall group work, practical application and interactivity as well as connecting directly to Optimé best in class sustainability programs.

The Virtual Classroom delivers results…

Effective learning modules

Focused 60-90 minute modules best enable participants to engage in content, practice what they’ve learned and gain confidence to immediately apply learning on the job between sessions. Imagine that, learning new skills and applying them the same day!

70-20-10 Learning

We know learning is not a one-time, isolated event. Virtual learning gets into the nuts and bolts of making learning happen. all the time. The design of our modules maximizes the effectiveness of each participant’s learning by supporting on-the-job application of skills (70%), interactions with colleagues (20%) and finally in formal virtual training sessions (10%).

This perfect storm of sustainable learning creates real world opportunities for application and sustainable learning.

Interactive virtual tools

Our Certified Virtual Classroom and experienced facilitators use the latest and most effective interactive learning tools to ensure participants feel connected to the learning without distractions.

Offering you the best virtual training solution for your needs means that we are able to deliver training on the video conferencing platform of your choice.

Cost efficiency

Leveraging easy to access virtual and digital learning classrooms and programs eliminates travel costs/challenges and meets you on your terms. This can be especially important for your sales organization that is geographically dispersed.

Built in sustainability

Optimé’s virtual classroom makes the connection to training sustainment activities easy and seamless. From coaching to micro-learning to mobile-based activities along with e-learning and more; the ease of transition within the learning eco-system will enable your development journey to come alive.

Give us a call to discuss how to we can deliver the training you need by the method that best suits your needs!