What we do

What we do

We develop your sales talent to be the best

Our clients achieve improved performance through our broad range of sales capability development solutions.

The difference is how we do it:

Your organization’s strengths provide the
foundation for our winning formula

Your evolving needs are met with customized
solutions and programs

“Making it stick” is core to everything we do

New perspectives are ignited with insight from
cross-industry best practices

Captivating programs designed and delivered
by the best in their fields

We are provocative, innovative and inspiring

We are the firm that consistently…


Our programs are designed to captivate participants in the learning process in such a way that the insights and skills developed, become deeply ingrained in their approach to customers and selling.


We have the formula to make training ‘stick‘. Our goal is to maximize your ROI by driving sustainability into everything that we do.


Not just another pretty face. Our facilitators, coaches and consultants come from the trenches and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the game. Together with our cutting-edge program design, we produce learning experiences that cannot be rivaled. Every. Single. Time. When you bring Optimé onto your team, you know you are playing with the best in the league. We have the stats to prove it.


One size doesn’t fit all. With Optimé, you receive relevant, tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. We will carefully consider your culture, best practices and strengths to customize our programs so they become a natural part of how you operate… part of your DNA.

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