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Optimé - Top Sales Training Company by Selling Power
Optimé International Named to Selling Power Magazine’s Top Sales Training Companies 2024 List
Recognized for depth & breadth of its training programs, innovative offerings, strength of client...
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Building Trust With Your Buyers | Optimé
Building Trust With Your Buyers - 4 Key Elements
In the bustling world of sales, trust reigns supreme. It’s the magic ingredient that turns a casual prospect...
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Team leader coach teach young workers explain on paper for business plan

Mastering the Art of Delegation

Today’s sales leaders struggle with too many priorities and have more demands of their time than
they can possibly fill. The solution to this challenge is developing a process of effective delegation…

Businessman is reviewing monthly sales documents for analysis.

Customer Objection Handling Using LAPS framework

Objections, customer push backs, a request for more information, whatever the term we use it is the next thing between now and a successful sale…

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