What is Consultative Selling and How Does It Work?

Consultative Selling Discussion

Instead of bombarding a client with features and benefits of your offering, you engage in a conversation. You ask questions, listen actively, and seek to truly understand their pain points and goals. This is the essence of consultative selling. It is a collaborative approach to sales. It’s about becoming a trusted advisor to your clients […]

Looking to Excel in Key Account Management? Here’s How.

Strategic Account Management

At its core, Strategic Account Management is a proactive approach to managing client accounts in sales. Rather than treating all clients equally, we understand that some accounts are more valuable than others and deserve a specialized approach. It starts by developing a deep understanding of the client’s business, industry challenges, and goals. Account Managers are […]

Tips for Asking Strategic Questions in Sales

Asking Strategic Questions in Sales

Your questions can make all the difference between closing a deal or losing a potential customer. Strategic questioning is a skill that sales professionals must develop to understand their prospects’ needs, uncover pain points, and ultimately guide them towards a purchase decision. Here, we’ll explore some key strategies and insights to help you excel in […]

The Many Hats of a Leader

Understanding the Right Time to Manage, Mentor, or Coach. Effectively leading and developing the capabilities of your team requires you to provide different types of support in different types of situations. On any given day, your team members may present you with opportunities to teach, manage, coach, mentor, arbitrate or delegate. Making the right choice […]

Learn or Lose

A few years ago, I attended the P&G Global Alumni Conference in Madrid Spain. Amongst the impressive line-up of topics covered by an inspiring group of speakers, was a presentation entitled ‘The Future of Learning’.  Essentially, the takeaway from that session was: ongoing, continuous learning is critical to successfully navigating the exponential change we will […]

Winning at Strategic Customer Management

Strategic Customer Management (SCM) is a company-wide initiative, focusing on building strong and mutually beneficial relationships with a company’s most important customers and partners. Effective SCM programs create loyalty, stimulate growth, enhance profitability, and lead to innovative solutions. A successful program requires a commitment from senior management to ensure the necessary corporate and organizational shift […]