Selling Essentials.


Build a strong foundation for long-term success in sales.

Solidify your foundations with the Selling Essentials program. Learn essential sales skills like prospecting, presenting, and closing deals. Practice proven techniques for lead qualification, effective presentations, and complete sales process navigation.

Master these fundamentals for long-term sales success with expert instructors and a practical curriculum.


Master the fundamentals of selling.

Perspective & Trust

Playing Catch™ & Asking Great Questions

Performance Pyramid™

Planning Productive Customer Meetings

Objection Handling

This is the best real-life training I have seen from P&G in my 27-year sales career. It is fast-paced, fun, and most importantly it is about winning using all the resources available to a Customer Business Development Team.


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Power of Habits in Building a Successful Sales career
Power of Habits in Building a Successful Sales Career
In Sales, success is often measured by the numbers – the number of deals closed, the revenue generated,...
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Maximizing Productivity of your Client Meetings
In the dynamic world of sales, client meetings play a pivotal role in building relationships, understanding...
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Crop unrecognizable female psychologist and patient discussing mental problems during session
Handling Client Objections in Sales
Client objections are not roadblocks, but rather opportunities to showcase your expertise and build long-standing...
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