Leadership Development.

Unlock your team’s true selling potential with performance coaching.

Optimé’s leadership development programs develop the coaching skills of both new and experienced managers to enable them to drive sustainable impact and performance amongst their direct reports. Being a high impact coach is a critical skill for the manager of today and the future. We offer three comprehensive leadership development programs designed to help you become an effective sales leader. 

Our interactive and engaging training sessions, led by experienced trainers passionate about helping you succeed, will improve your team’s performance. Whether you’re new to sales leadership or an experienced sales leader, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

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Gain a leader’s perspective and essential coaching skills to enhance team performance.

Set a team vision and foster a high-performing culture.

Harness the power of emotional intelligence to communicate effectively, build relationships, and manage conflict.

Modules Overview

Leadership Development Programs.

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Key learning concepts

Coach your sales team for action and accountability.

Essential Coaching Skills

GROW model

The Performance Equation

A Leader’s Vision

Leadership Management

Power of Emotional Intelligence

Leadership Development

The emotionally intelligent leader.

Helps you understand the power and measure of emotional intelligence. You’ll learn how to use emotional intelligence to communicate effectively, build strong relationships, and manage conflict

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How we do it

Training Delivery Methods.

Optimé’s industry leading training and coaching experts design and develop programs that actively engages participants in the learning process.

Our expertise spans across all the aspects of sales capability development solutions, from foundational to the executive level. 

Key elements for success:

Instructor led training – classroom/virtual

Virtual workspace & Asynchronous learning

Microlearning knowledge reinforcement

Deliberate practice for honing your coaching skills

GameDay™ Business Simulation

This is the best real-life training I have seen from P&G in my 27-year sales career. It is fast-paced, fun, and most importantly it is about winning using all the resources available to a Customer Business Development Team.

Procter & Gamble

Stay updated, stay informed.

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