Sales training and development

Sales training
and development

Our programs captivate learners and drive performance.

Optimé’s industry leading training and coaching experts design and develop programs that engage all participants in the learning process while activating them on a journey to even better sales performance. This creates the conditions for both growth and change so that the insights and skills developed become deeply ingrained in your team’s approach to customers and selling. In short – we make the learning ‘stick’.

Sales training is a process, not an event or a box to be checked. To achieve the highest levels of sales performance a training program must be built using the same rigor and consistency you bring to your business everyday. Optimé’s expertise spans across all aspects of sales capability and skill from the foundational to the complex and strategic and we understand the importance of both the design and implementation of a sales training program which meets each of our client’s needs. We begin with your best practices and building on that foundation, we adapt our programs – both content and implementation – to fit the current and future needs of your business 

To create your sales capability development solution we follow our 4D approach:


Maximizing engagement means understanding where your teams’ needs are today. Optimé’s approach identifies the best place to start your performance improvement journey. Working directly with our clients to we identify the optimal starting point and leverage that understanding to maximize the relevance and timeliness of your training program.
It’s all about you.


Our team of adult learning experts leverages the diagnostic findings as they tailor a program that’s laser-focused on your needs. What results are learning objectives and content which drive the performance gains you are looking for and a plan to deliver your training program in the most effective way possible. You are unique, we recognize that.


How your training program is delivered can be as important as the content, it needs to fit your organization.  Regardless of the nuances of your organization, Optimé can work with you to customize a training delivery plan that fits.  To make that happen we leverage multiple delivery modes to bring sales training to life, including:

    •    Facilitator lead training – classroom
    •    Facilitator lead training – virtual
    •    e-Learning
    •    Gamification
    •    Micro-learning
    •    Individual coaching
    •    Group coaching
    •    Ongoing deliberate practice


Our clients have always been focused on building a more capable and better performing sales force that is ready, willing and able to take on the opportunities of today and the future. We hold ourselves to that high standard of positively effecting performance, and will work with you to establish the most important performance indicators to measure against.  Our product is performance.

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