Foundations of Coaching.

Foundations of Coaching

Develop essential skills to coach & elevate your team’s performance.

The Foundations of Coaching program is your first step in this leadership journey. It is designed to help you develop essential coaching skills that improves team performance. The program provides a leader’s perspective and covers key concepts such as essential coaching skills and coaching for performance. By mastering these skills, you can become a more effective coach and leader who can drive successful sales results in your organization. You’ll learn how to coach for performance by focusing on the development of individual team members and creating a culture of continuous improvement.


Establish a strong foundation as a sales leader.

A Leader's Perspective

Essential Coaching Skills

Coaching for Performance

Optimé has operated not as a ‘supplier’ to the Business Sales Leadership Development Program, but rather as a fully integrated partner who has been fully invested in our company’s success, as well as the success of every new Account Executive who has gone through our onboarding program. The BSLDP’s proven track record in driving measurable results over the years – including speed to productivity and strong retention of new Account Executives – is a big point of pride for AT&T.


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