How We Do It.

How we do it

Results-driven Training.

Our training methodology captivates learners and drives performance. Our customizable instructor-led training programs are interactive and result in a high-impact learning environment with intense coaching and feedback.

During each class, participants are presented with relevant, “real-life” challenges and learn new methods and skills to meet these challenges and improve their performance. Combined with our custom learning pathways, 1:1 / group coaching approach, and digital reinforcement solutions you will get a training experience like no other. 

Our Approach.

Optimé’s industry-leading training and coaching experts specialize in designing and developing programs that engage all participants in the learning process and drive improved sales performance. We understand the importance of both the design and implementation of a sales training program that meets the unique needs of each of our clients.

Our 4-step engagement approach includes diagnosing the optimal starting point for your organization, designing a laser-focused program tailored to your needs, delivering training through multiple modes, including classroom, virtual, micro-learning, coaching, and simulation, and determining the most important performance indicators to measure against.

Our Process

4D Client Engagement Approach.

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Our Philosophy

Building trust with intention, curiosity, and empathy.

At Optime, we believe that building trusting relationships with your clients or employees requires an efficient blend of 3 key traits – deliberate intention, authentic curiosity, and empathy.

With a genuine intention to understanding your needs and aspirations, we forge connections with our clients that go beyond business. Our curiosity fuels the desire to design the best solutions, and empathy forms the foundation of unwavering support.

How we do it

Training Delivery Methods.

Optimé’s industry leading training and coaching experts design and develop programs that actively engages participants in the learning process.

Our expertise spans across all the aspects of sales capability development solutions, from foundational to the executive level. 

Key elements for success:

Instructor led training – classroom/virtual

Virtual workspace & Asynchronous learning

Microlearning knowledge reinforcement

Deliberate practice for honing your coaching skills

GameDay™ Business Simulation

GameDayTM Simulation.

GameDay™ is a customized business simulation program that uses competition as a catalyst to engage your sales team, assess their skills, and build a personal development plan to achieve their objectives.

Based on your business reality, participants are immersed in a real-world challenging selling environment where they get to practice and identify their development areas.

Throughout GameDay™ participants receive real-time feedback on their strengths and performance gaps as well as targeted skills building – to take their game to the next level.

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