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Understanding the Right Time to Manage, Mentor, or Coach.

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The Many Hats of a Leader

Effectively leading and developing the capabilities of your team requires you to provide different types of support in different types of situations. On any given day, your team members may present you with opportunities to teach, manage, coach, mentor, arbitrate or delegate. Making the right choice in how you support each team member in specific situations is key to their success, growth and engagement levels.

Adapting to excel

Recognizing that one style of leadership rarely meets the needs of all employees in all situations, means that you must adjust your style to fit the development needs of your employees. An adaptive leadership style means taking stock of your team members, weighing the many variables in their workplace and choosing the leadership style that best fits their goals and circumstances. Knowing the right time to mentor, manage and coach each of your team members speeds up the journey from good to great.

The right time to Mentor

Team members who don’t have the knowledge or experience to do what you’re asking them to do will value the relevant insight and experience you have to offer as a mentor. If they don’t have context and experience to draw from, sharing your advice and experience can boost their confidence and improve the performance.

The right time to Manage

Managing or directing involves a ‘telling’ approach when the specifics of both what needs to be accomplished and how you expect it to be done are clearly explained. For instance, compliance, performance management conversations that have reached a critical stage, and health & safety issues are best managed with specific direction from the leadership.

The right time to Coach

Employees who may not have the specific skill required, but display a high level of potential and commitment towards the tasks are perfect candidates for coaching. With your support, confidence and motivation, such employees figure out ways to complete the required tasks. Their learning and development is best fostered by the questions you ask and the feedback you share. It helps them discover their own way forward and unlock their true potential.

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