What some of our clients have said about us

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“Optimé has operated not as a ‘supplier’ to the Business Sales Leadership Development Program, but rather as a fully integrated partner who has been fully invested in our company’s success, as well as the success of every new Account Executive who has gone through our onboarding program.  The BSLDP’s proven track record in driving measurable results over the years – including speed to productivity and strong retention of new Account Executives – is a big point of pride for AT&T.”

“One of the true measures of training and development success is the impact on business results. I am pleased to report that the most recent sales trends in Bausch & Lomb Canada, business was up over 40% in Western Canada , 24% in Ontario and 17% in Quebec, a growth rate well above that of the industry. The impact to our people and sales development partnership has also been seen through the high engagement of our people at Sales meetings, follow up coaching and role playing that have contributed to sustaining the learning and changing their behavior. You very quickly built strong rapport and credibility with people in our Sales Organization – I would attribute this to your background as Sales practitioners, and to your sincere desire to help people grow their skills and grow the business.”

“We evaluate our investment in Optimé training using 3 success criteria: (1) Business Results (2) Customer Results (3) People Results. Recognizing that training is a journey, the latest results on all 3 fronts have been positive indicators that our partnership is making a difference. Business results have accelerated, with key Customer accomplishments and feedback being a significant part of that formula. Our top rankings in the recent Advantage Performance Monitor survey – as determined by key customers – directly reflect this success. And our Teams are telling us that the investment in their capabilities is valued – both from favorable roundtable and conference survey results, as well as in how they have embraced the behaviors in the way they work.”

“The results of our work with Optimé has been the creation and development of a new “culture” of sales and service capability and effectiveness. Optimé has contributed processes, models of behavior & attitude, the development of required skill sets and messaging, which have become embedded in how we operate as a sales and service organization. We have become far more proficient in achieving “winning sales execution” with customers, and potential customers. Our “hard” sales and service results bear this out. In the first year, we led our Industry in total new business acquisition. In the following year, we set a new industry standard for the most new sales ever sold in a one year period, and in the third year, amidst an unheralded downturn in the economy, as well as significant market turbulence, we set an all time record for the most new business cash flow sold in our organization’s history. As well, in each of these years our organization exceeded our “in force growth” targets despite the difficult environmental and economic challenges. Perhaps just as importantly, our people now display an attitude, and model behaviors, that are in alignment with Championship Selling organizations.”

“This is the best real life training I have seen from P&G in my 27-year sales career. It is fast paced, fun, and most importantly it is about winning using all the resources available to a Customer Business Development Team.”

“Hugues was meticulous in spending time with us to understand our needs and our strategic objectives, and understands the culture and engagement outlook of our audience. He tailored his material to custom-build a session that was exactly right for the mood we wanted, the content we needed and the audience impact we dreamed of. He had our employees completely engaged from his very first minute on stage and managed to disarm our skeptics and win over every last person in the room. He was funny, dynamic, and made simple points that will stick. But most importantly, when he walked off stage, our employees were roaring with enthusiasm and ready to the year by the horns”